Hostile/ Friendly survivor camps? and zombies spawn rate.

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Hostile/ Friendly survivor camps? and zombies spawn rate.

Post  manning_upp on Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:42 pm

First off i'd like to say i love the mod, Keep up the good work.
My suggestions are hostile and friendly survivor camps. They would basically be walled off towns with survivors in them.
The hostile ones would attack you on sight, while the friendly ones would offer to trade with you. maybe give them some sort of dialog or a simple trade interface. If you attacked them theyed would all attack back. I think this would be a great addition to the mod. make them somewhat rare too. I just get lonely after a while of playing and think these would add alot to the mod.
Also you should give us more zombies! there spawn rate seems pretty low. if there were huge hordes (like 50-100 big) it would really give me a sense of survival. right now i encounter a few and its no big deal.
Feel free to take parts out of this or dont use any at all.
Thanks for such a great mod!


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Re: Hostile/ Friendly survivor camps? and zombies spawn rate.

Post  darknae on Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:06 pm

I agree, 1-5 mobs per group? pffft once you hit up a pyramid you have diamonds (swords/armor) to your disposal so 1-5 zombies is an extremely low amount with such overpowered items.

Also to increase the danger you could make it so if you get "bitten" aka hit by a zombie then you have a certain amount of time to get your gear back to a chest before you die, no way to recover from it unless you could add labs to the ruins that have bottles and certain ingredients that you could craft and make a potion that heals you.

Speaking of ruins......cmon make them a bit more interesting by adding rare chests to them with items in them just no food since it is so easily gotten. Been playing for 8 days (1 hr a day) and have a stockpile of mushroom soup that could fill the world for an eternity, literally I have like 40 double chests full of mushroom soup, so for those complaining about getting food, find the secret in the pyramids and you will have PLENTY of food to last you.

Is there anyway you could make this mod compatible with the nethercraft mod? that could be awesome if you, the creater of Nethercraft and creator of Aether would collaborate and make a REVAMPED MC experience that would blow peoples freaking minds into oblivion.


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