Great mod, but few suggestions

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Great mod, but few suggestions

Post  Takuto on Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:18 pm

Now, this mod, perfect and super awesome, loving it. Loving the apocalyptic theme here, starting off in a desert biome, well technically, i believe that the maps of zombieland are all desert, but anywho, genius. Thumbs up to the creator. Now, I do have a few suggestions and I will say things to the people out there who are suggesting "Oh oh, please make it where we can start off with things" or "Oh please add a shotgun to this mod", but not advertise, I will be careful with that and apologize in advance if I do. Now, I see that it says "building city" when you reach a certain area and gives you the coordinates. I'm not sure if someone suggested this, but my suggestion is that maybe the city should be created from the start and it will give you the coordinates. Same thing for underground city, although, I'd ask the creator to make an entrance for that, and if there is, I cannot find one (Searched everywhere once i saw it says "building underground city", and NO, i will not use creator mode or some sort of cheat that gives you a pickaxe without having to make it). And maybe, JUST MAYBE, this is just in the maybes, make a boss zombie you know? Like a tank from left 4 dead. If not, maybe make a zombie that shoots a bile at you and zombies will start heading for you everywhere, of course it's temporary. I know we have that zombie that shoots at you, so maybe change his projectile properties. And last but not least, and again, a MAYBE, a zombieland wikia or somewhere along the lines of one. It would be nice, even though the creator may have created a guide on his forum. I mean, I have noticed a few things he may not have mentioned and it would be nice (I'll probably post one guide on this forum) to make a zombie land wikia, BUT THIS A MAYBE, so it's possibility it may not happen depending on various reasons. Now for those of you who are suggesting the "please make it where we can start off with things, or "Please add a shotgun to this mod". Yes, it would be a bit nice to, but no. This is my opinion and this is what I think, one, there is a mod and I don't think it is ok for me to mention the name of the mod on this forum because that would be advertising I believe. But there is a mod where it lets you start off with things. Now the shotgun. Really? You do realize...nevermind, that's advertising, but you know what I was going to say. Anyways, point is, THERE IS A MOD FOR THAT AND YOU CAN ADD ON TO IT. Again, apologize if I did advertise or break any of the rules that i am not aware of what i did.


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