Food Drops/Incentives/Increased Danger

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Food Drops/Incentives/Increased Danger

Post  mafialildude on Thu Apr 19, 2012 2:51 pm

I have a few suggestions, which are all independent of each other, so here it goes.

Food Drops
From my own experience with the mod, it seems that none of the zombies (or at least most) do not drop rotten flesh, as do regular zombies in the original Minecraft.

My suggestion is to include a chance for rotten flesh (or even actual food) from all zombies, so in the case that someone can't find a source of food, they can fight zombies to acquire a temporary source of food.

An alternative to this would be to include some start-up food, for the case that someone can't find a source of food (which, as of now, is only in chests inside pyramids). This could be like 2-5 pieces of bread, just to help those who are far from food reach some sort of source.

This sort of ties in with my suggestion to bring back cities (from a separate post). There should be some sort of location that has more threats, but with the incentive of a large source of resources. For example, a destroyed community (dense region of ruined buildings) with many hidden chests, but with the added risk of a higher density of zombies.

I found myself bored with just pyramids. Though there are spawners under it, the resources were not hard to reach. After dealing with the traps, it was not a difficult source anymore. Also, once the trap is figured out, no other pyramid is much of a challenge.

Therefore, if there were cities or some sort of zombie-dense region, with many chests of resources, I'd be more likely to venture out of my foxhole and try my luck in a dangerous environment.

Increased Danger
This sort of builds on the above suggestion, but I have literally no reason to leave my foxhole once it is established. With increased danger, in the form of zombies that can dig or destroy blocks, I would have to be on my toes or fortify my base.

Another form of increased danger would be if the zombies had a form of horde mentality. For example, if a player attracted the attention of a small group of zombies, other groups would be drawn to the commotion, increasing the amount of zombies pursuing you.

Also, zombies could 'smell' a player, via unsealed walls, and surround the base and lay siege.

Overall, I found the mod became dull once I had established a well-sourced base, with a good mine and start-up resources (from a pyramid). I had no reason to leave my base, no reason to explore. The overworld was just desert, boring ruins and zombies. No urban centers to explore and no hidden chests to pursue (besides other pyramids).

Increased incentives to leave the base (via desire to explore interesting environments or acquire resources), increased fear of staying in your base and increased reason to engage zombies would make this mod awesome.

Hope this is helpful in improving your mod. Keep up the good work, bro.


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Re: Food Drops/Incentives/Increased Danger

Post  Ufocrusher98 on Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:54 am

That are really good idea's


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